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Ganymed enables energy demand pattern simulation of industrial processes - easy and efficiently.

Powerful simulation models as the underlying calculation principles combined with a dynamic interface create a user friendly experience and efficient performance.
Extensive Scope of Application

The increasing implementation of fluctuating renewable energy sources makes energy systems more volatile and difficult to predict. Digital system and simulation models play a key role for analysing and developing the future energy system.
As the industrial sector is responsible for around one third of the worldwide primary energy demand, it undoubtedly has to take part in the energy transition. Ganymed supports this transition by investigating and simulating timely resolved energy flows of energy-intensive, industrial subsectors. This enables vital insights for grid operators, energy suppliers, energy research areas and manufacturing, industrial companies by analysing demand side management and flexibility potentials, optimising production chains and evaluating grid demands.   

Easy and Efficiently

Ganymed's key features enable flexible production chain design and evaluate the resulting timely resolved energy demand patterns. Currently, Ganymed covers production processes of the energy-intensive subsectors Iron & Steel, Paper & Pulp, Chemical and Non-Metallic Minerals like cement, brick and glass production. Via drag and drop production processes can be aligned dynamically to create user defined production chains. Learn more...

Comprehensive software database
covering energy-intensive, industrial subsectors defined by International Energy Agency. 
Optimised simulation scheme guranteeing efficient performance and usability. Dynamic and flexible process configuration and alignment combined with integration of user-defined mass and product flows.

Production Chain Definition

Process Configuration

Generation of Load Profiles

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