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Dynamic Adaptable Process Canvas

Ganymed's methodology is based upon discrete-event simulation. This approach enables the sequential interaction of product and mass batches with process resources via time related events. Through an interactive canvas individual processes can be aligned to an overall production chain. For this chain, main product and auxiliary material flows can be simulated.
System boundaries and energy busbars enable more comprehensive simulation approaches. 
Based on the user defined production chain load profiles for the target categories Electricity, Direct Fuel (supplying processes > 200 °C), Steam (supplying processes < 200 °C) or Heating can be generated. 

Extensive Process Configuration

Through the settings option, every process on canvas can be configurated individually. Here, Ganymed supports the specification of continuous and batch-wise operating processes as well as energy-related settings.

By defining reference streams, various product and auxiliary mass flows integrated into the simulation environment are taken into account.

Additionally, the consumption and generation behaviour of the implemented processes can be configurated by altering stochastics. This is based upon Gaussian distribution and modifies the load profiles accordingly. 

Simulation as Good as It's Database

Ganymed allows the implementation of various data regarding energy consumption and generation patterns. Based on the given data, the user can choose over default process types, single consumption variables or predefined time series. Furthermore, consumption and generation patterns can be loaded into the system via .csv-datasheets. This guarantees a dynamic software environment building upon a sound database, which can be extended by the user anytime.

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